BigID & Teradata

Find, classify, and catalog personal and sensitive data in Teradata

Unique Discovery-In-Depth for Teradata

Teradata helped define the data warehouse marketplace and represents the most widely deployed data warehouse for collecting and analyzing large volumes of structured data in a highly parallelized architecture.

As Teradata is one of the most common stores of data in BigID’s F500 customers, BigID has developed a number of unique features to find and understand data stored in Teradata for scale, performance, and security without dependence on an agent or server change that can add complexity and performance cost.

BigID provides customers with a catalog, classification, and correlation view of their personal and sensitive data inside Teradata. Data governance professionals can easily capture technical metadata stores, security professionals can see what type of privileged data they have stored in which data element, and privacy officers can identify data belonging to a specific individual, whether the data is PII or contextual PI, like location data.

Technical Benefits

  • Agentless, API read for scanning data
  • Additional classifications do not affect speed of processing
  • Full metadata catalog read
  • Optional sampling on scans
  • Optional differential scans on changes only
  • Easy-to-manage kubernetes architecture

Business Benefits

  • Discovery-in-depth combining catalog, classification, and correlation
  • Low TCO with agentless architecture
  • Flexible scale-out
  • Easy management across the enterprise landscape
  • Increased alignment for privacy, security, and governance