Know Your Data in Couchbase

Discover, classify, and inventory sensitive and personal data in Couchbase

How Couchbase and BigID Work Together

With BigID, you can automatically discover, identify, and inventory sensitive data stored in Couchbase using minimal resources and storage.

BigID’s scan uses an agentless connector, guarding against failures and delays by performing sample scans on buckets you specify. This makes discovery, identification, and classification of the personal and sensitive information in Couchbase faster and more reliable.

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Benefits of Couchbase



Maintains frequently accessed documents, metadata, and indexes in RAM, with all operations occurring in memory.



Processes data-heavy read and write traffic, with sub-millisecond speed for large-scale and modern web, mobile, and IoT applications.


Easily Managed

Couchbase’s schema is a logical construct, defined entirely in application code, with no need to maintain it explicitly.


Seamless IoT Support

Full-stack data platform for mobile and IoT apps. Features real-time data synchronization, enterprise-level security, and integration with existing ecosystems.


Fast Querying

Provides multiple data access paths to query and manage JSON documents so users can choose the data access pattern that best meets their needs.


Powerful Analytics

Offers powerful parallel query processing, letting users execute complex, long-running queries efficiently.

About Couchbase

Couchbase is an engagement database that serves end-customer requests at internet-scale. Easy to manage and deploy, Couchbase’s data platform provides multi-language APIs that are uniform and straightforward to implement.

The ability to replicate is built into Couchbase and occurs smoothly and automatically. Modifications to topology occur transparently without requiring changes to the application or other database nodes. Couchbase distributes workloads evenly across multiple cluster nodes, reducing bottlenecks, increasing availability, and optimizing use of hardware.

Since each Couchbase node consists of software that is identical, automation is easy. DBAs manage, rebalance, and expand the entire Couchbase cluster through a single administrator UI console. Couchbase Data Platform comes pre-integrated for Big Data and SQL so you can leverage tools, processing capacity, and data wherever it resides. Together, these features speed up an application’s time to deployment.