2019: Global Privacy Gets Personal

2018 was a watershed year for privacy. The passage of the EU GDPR ushered in a new era in which data privacy became a first-order data security and governance problem warranting corporate attention and investment. This is not to say that the profession of privacy began last year. Quite the opposite.  Regulations covering privacy protection … Continued

The Advent of Privacy Engineering

Move over privacy attorneys, analysts, consultants, CPOs and DPOs. Let’s make room for the Privacy Engineers who can facilitate the technical implementation of privacy and data protection by design and default into products and services. Welcome, the emergence of Privacy Engineering. The field of privacy has typically been the realm of lawyers and consultants responsible … Continued

Rethinking Data Classification For The New Era of Privacy

It’s rare to spot a flip phone these days when smartphones are practically ubiquitous.  Yet, in the realm of data security, where precision and context are critical, too many are still using flip phone technology to discover, understand and classify personal data. In the flip phone era, classification was intended as a means to an … Continued

Always On – The New Era of Continuous Privacy Compliance

The EU General Data Protection Regulation is only months away, and more organizations are beginning to contemplate what they need to do for compliance. Many will begin their efforts with survey based Privacy Impact Assessments, because for many privacy professionals that is what they are most familiar with. However, as the “DP” in GDPR will … Continued

Operationalizing Privacy-by-Design: The Case for Data-driven GDPR Compliance

On June 22, 2018 at 11 AM EDT / 5 PM CEST, in conjunction with guests from IBM, DLA Piper, the EU Commission, and the French regulator CNIL, BigID will be hosting an online discussion of how technology can help automate GDPR compliance (https://bigid.com/webinar-gdprcompliance/). As we approach the May 25th, 2018 GDPR enforcement date, many … Continued

Architecting Privacy: Identity Data As-A-Service

APIs are a reach multiplier. They can make data and applications programmatically accessible across the extended enterprise or the wider Internet. By making data and application functionality open, they have transformed how programmers and machines access information. Gone are the days of monolithic applications with dedicated data sources. Today APIs enable application functionality to be … Continued