When BigID formed in 2016, privacy was a matter of policy, process, and people – but not product. Specialist CPOs and DPOs assessed privacy risk through data maps and inventories built from surveys, not scans. Privacy, while intended to help protect the integrity of personal data, was in many ways disconnected from the data. Instead, it relied on data recollections more than data records for assuring data privacy.

However, with the advent of new regulations like GDPR and CCPA, individual data rights took center stage. Companies would be required to account for every individual’s data to deliver individual data accountability. This required a rethink of how companies approached data privacy and protection. It would require data knowledge built on identity-aware data discovery. Data rights needed actionable data intelligence beyond what was possible with either legacy data classification or catalog solutions. Traditional data security or governance products lacked the data detail, context, and coverage to identify PI vs just PII, identify whose data vs just what data, and provide a mechanism to look across all of an enterprise’s data estate vs just a silo or two.

BigID completely rethought data discovery and intelligence for the privacy era. BigID was the first company to deliver enterprises the technology to know their data to the level of detail, context and coverage they would need to meet core data privacy protection requirements. Fast forward to today and BigID remains the pioneer and market leader in privacy-aware data discovery and intelligence, building on its many firsts to help organizations truly “know their data” to deliver sustainable privacy compliance, actionable data protection, and ultimately situational data value.

With BigID, data liability is transformed into a data asset.