For most companies cloud is a reality they need to contend with: they adopt SaaS and IaaS to supplement their existing data center environments or to replace them. Wherever companies are in their hybrid or multi-cloud journeys, they need to plan for the future; they need to contemplate how they become cloud-native while still accommodating legacy.

From its inception, BigID has been cloud-native. Unlike some solutions in the data discovery arena that were built a decade plus ago, BigID is not weighed down by outdated client-server, appliance or agent based architecture that is both hard to deploy, scale and manage. BigID is micro-service by design built around a Docker and Kubernetes core that can easily be deployed in the data center, cloud or both.

With BigID, companies can deploy data discovery in a data center or cloud for almost any data. Lines of business can be federated without exchanging data to accommodate corporate privacy rules and data sovereignty regulations.

Instances of BigID can be dynamically spun up based on specific events like creation of data sources in the cloud. Big workloads can be accommodated by split scans to parallelize large data volumes. Software updates can be implemented statelessly, and orchestration can be done natively in Kubernetes or using any number of Kubernetes tools making management fast and easy.