In order to accurately find and understand data across an enterprise’s data stores, you need:

  • broad data coverage to handle the variety of data sources inside an enterprise
  • discovery-in-depth to ensure insights that can span privacy, security, data governance and architecture
  • extensibility to avoid lock-in and ensure ecosystem support

It also requires the operational flexibility in order to accommodate the way that enterprises like to work.

Nowhere is this more true in how and when you scan data.

Scanning and related crawling is the primary mechanism for data discovery: it’s how you find data inside a data source or pipeline. To do this correctly, at scale, and across any data source (all while in a way that minimizes impact to applications), you need flexibility and adaptability based on the different ways that companies work.

BigID built its scanning and crawling technology with enterprises in mind.

We offer more ways to adapt to the operational methods of an enterprise than any other company – including  a number of BigID-exclusive scanning features like:

  • Configurable scheduling for individual or groups of data sources
  • Intelligent acceleration for structured and unstructured
  • Dynamic scans based on data source availability and utilization
  • Iterative scans for changed data in structured or unstructured
  • API triggered scans for short lived cloud workloads
  • Start, Stop, and Split controls

BigID is the first true modern data discovery technology that leverages the best of cloud-native and ML to make scanning more scalable, flexible and adaptable. See how it works at