How to Enable Data Culture With BigID And Alation

Chief Data Officers need to maximize the value of data for their organizations. Providing the best quality data to make business decisions and making sure that data is defined and understood to be used the right way is essential, while also protecting the interests of the company and customers regarding sensitive data. To be successful, … Continued

How to Accurately Identify Sensitive Data

One of the biggest challenges in regulated industries – from finance to healthcare and beyond – is finding and protecting variations of highly sensitive, restricted, and uniquely identifiable data across the entire organization. Those data types might follow specific patterns like a social security number, or could vary formats and values, like a customer ID … Continued

ML-Driven Data Governance for Business Intelligence (BI)

In a data-driven culture, it’s difficult to continually generate insights and analysis through business intelligence tools as the data environment becomes more and more complex. Within the data analytics ecosystem, data quality and integrity are often the main pain points as the amount of data sources increases, unstructured data is becoming more common, and tech … Continued

A Guide to Types of Sensitive Information

Organizations of all sizes and verticals collect, process, store, and share all kinds of customer, vendor, and employee data — and that data often contains sensitive information that must be safeguarded from unauthorized access. Broadly, sensitive information is considered information that can cause harm, embarrassment, inconvenience, or unfairness to an individual or business if it … Continued

The ROI of a Modern Privacy Program

For every $1 an organization invests in privacy spending, it receives an average $2.70 return on investment, according to a 2020 Cisco study that asked privacy professionals across various industries in 13 countries to estimate their privacy investments’ financial benefits. The same study finds that 47% of organizations report a return that more than doubles … Continued

Situational Data Awareness: A Bigger Idea for 2021

Data drives business. 2020 brought that reality into greater focus as data-driven communications and commerce became the predominant way consumers, business, educators, and governments interacted, collaborated, and transacted with one another. Data is how everyone connects and is the underlying thread of businesses: it’s the critical factor not just to persevere, but to continue to … Continued

How BigID and Tableau Work Together to Promote a Data-Driven Culture

Data is one of the most valuable assets in an organization – and it’s more important than ever that organizations use their data to better understand their business and make critical decisions. That data — like all valuable things — needs to be organized, validated, protected, and audited. At the same time, organizations face new … Continued

Milestones & Markers

BigID began in 2016, built to rethink data discovery and data intelligence for today’s data-driven world. We set out to create a scalable way for enterprises to know their data – leveraging ML and AI to revolutionize how organizations approached their data across the entire scope of their data environment, and how they get value … Continued

Snowflake and BigID: Scalable Data Intelligence for Enterprise Data

Snowflake and BigID have teamed up to help customers get more value from their data:  joint customers can now get more value from their data across their entire organization with BigID’s data discovery foundation and apps for data privacy, security, and governance. BigID provides Snowflake users ML based methods for finding personal, sensitive, privileged and … Continued

Data Retention 101: How to Build a Data Retention Program

Data retention is complex, nuanced, and requires a modern approach in order to handle the growing volume, type, and sensitivity of enterprise data. Organizations need help to define and manage data retention policies and remediate violations. They need to be able to operationalize a complex set of business rules and local and global regulations. Many … Continued

How to build a data-driven program for privacy, security, and governance

Privacy and protection regulations are a catalyst for change – not just for data privacy, but for data security, governance, and across the entire organization. In the next three years, “by 2023, 65% of the world’s population will have Its personal data covered under modern privacy regulations,” according to Gartner, and it’s “paramount that [organizations] … Continued

Trends in Cloud Migration

Companies are taking to the cloud faster than ever before. If the need for more flexibility, stronger security, low-cost storage, and efficient management hasn’t tipped the scales toward cloud-based services, the Coronavirus pandemic and the work-from-anywhere imperative that came out of it have. Data Streams Go Mainstream The pandemic is causing an explosion in cloud … Continued