Third-Party Data Sharing

Manage, Monitor and Validate Data in Motion

Discover, Document, and Report on Third-Party Data Sharing

As a key element of their transparency obligations, privacy regulations require that covered companies report on which third parties they have shared data with, and what are the data categories that were shared. BigID provides the ability to automate the generation of data flows encompassing data transfers, and validate third party data flow contractual provisions covering third party name, business process and data categories with data-driven insights.

BigID’s discovery of personal data in motion through APIs for data streaming technologies – often used by IT and app development teams to transfer and integrate data – enables enterprises to align data pipelines with compliance mandates.


3rd Party Data Flow Maps

Automatically generate third-party data flow maps and reports. Leverage data insights to automate reports and supplement third party vendor registry


Data In Motion

Discover and classify data at rest and in motion, and integrate via API into data streaming technologies


Continuous Compliance

Achieve continuous compliance for the data pipeline; monitor and validate data transfers on an ongoing basis


Operationalize Opt-Out

Extend on existing consent governance to correlate “Opt-Out” records captured by preference management systems