Automate GDPR Article 30 Record Keeping For Data Processes

Build and Maintain Data Process Records From Actual Data Records And Not Just Surveys

Data-Driven Data Process Record Keeping for GDPR

Can you build records of data processing without Actual data records?

As a record keeping requirement of data processing, Article 30 is often associated with “data flow maps” which document and diagram processing of personal data from collection through disposal. Historically organization documented their data processing activities using questionnaires sent to stakeholders responsible for said processing. But recollections are not records. BigID is the first product on the market to give organizations an ability to not just find all personal data belonging to an individual but to also use that data mapping in order to record data flows based on actual data processing. Using BigID, organizations can build and maintain data processing records which reflect real data records using the latest in machine learning, and not just paper questionnaires.


Map Flows

Diagrammatically document data collection & processing



Find data flows from data maps


Scan Data

Find PI across structured, unstructured, Big Data and cloud



Supplement scanned data with surveys



Capture business context like purpose-of-use