Automate Holistic Privacy Management

Data-driven privacy compliance and automation for new and emerging data privacy and protection regulations

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Proactively manage privacy requests, preferences, and cookie consent.

Implement a branded self-service privacy portal – with customizable features to manage data rights requests and privacy preferences including request type, deletion workflows, regulation timelines, and remediation, all in one place.

  • Build processes with privacy request workflows
  • Confirm individual identity to validate requests
  • Provide pdf reports by request for consumers and regulators

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Automate data rights fulfillment from access to deletion.

Dynamically manage Data Subject Access Request (DSAR) at scale by discovering, classifying, and connecting data to specific user profiles to automate data subject access requests, validate data deletion, and generate DSAR pdf reports.

  • Centralize all data rights request
  • Streamline deletion workflows for full compliance
  • Maintain compliance with regular reporting

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Build a Record of Processing Activities for Data Mapping

Identify and document data inventory to visually map data across the organization to assess how data is processed, transferred, and shared to reduce privacy risk.

  • Simplify workflows to streamline data processing
  • Validate data flows consistent with agreements and policies
  • Proactively report on data transfers, sharing, and purpose of processing

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Quickly assess risk with Privacy Impact Assessments

Estimate the risk within the data inventory using PIA industry-standard templates that comply with privacy regulations.

  • Manage all PIAs in one location
  • Customize risk assessments workflows
  • Streamline collaboration across the organization

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The State of Data RIghts

Data rights are at the heart of modern privacy regulations. This report, brought to you by IAPP and BigID, surveyed 475 privacy and IT professionals from around the world to examine current data rights practices through the organizational structure lens and how these practices may shift in the future.

Download the report to gain insight into the landscape of individual data rights, and learn how organizations provide data transparency to their employees and consumers.

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