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Monitor the consistency, accuracy, completeness and validity of your data in one place

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Insight & action for better data quality

Proactively analyze and communicate data quality for data users to select the best data for business decisions.

Reduce the time spent manually managing data quality and relying on technical resources to set quality rules.

Get consistent data quality insights in a single view across all of your data in any data source on premesis or in the cloud.

Leverage dynamic profiling across all data for ongoing monitoring, timely notifications, and relevant data quality scores.

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Data quality done differently

  • Calculate Data Quality Score by Attribute Calculate DQ score for each attribute, column, and data source to manage quality from a variety of custom user views.
  • Define and Apply Data Quality Rules Define and apply rules that are attached to discovered data with custom definitions by Accuracy, Timeliness, Consistency, Completeness, Validity, or Uniqueness.
  • Take Action With BigID Marketplace Apps Take action on discovered data quality insights using BigID Remediation app for an integrated solution.
  • Apply Rules Across All Data Sources Apply consistent data quality rules across your complete data environment from a single point of control with broad data source coverage to manage all of your data, everywhere.
  • Set Rules with Logical Interface Empower business users and data owners to set data quality rules with easy-to-understand options to customize rules.
  • Automate Data Quality Discover high-priority data and use automation to monitor the health of those datasets.
  • Increase Data Trust Data quality scoring and crowdsourced validation to know that data is high quality and fit for purpose
  • Follow Favorite Items Flag data assets that you use often to keep watch over changes in data quality.

What happens when data quality goes astray? Learn why data quality matters.

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