The State of Data Rights: How Are Organizations Implementing Data Rights?

Discover the current state of data rights across the world and learn about trends based on location + vertical


Data rights are at the heart of modern privacy regulations. An exclusive research report, “The State of Data Rights,” surveyed more than 475 privacy and IT professionals from around the world to examine current data rights practices through the organizational structure lens, as well as how these practices may shift in the future.

Join IAPP Research Manager Margaret Honda and BigID Vice President of Privacy and Policy Heather Federman as they share and interpret the results of this report — the very first on the state of data rights across the globe. We’ll explore how companies currently implement data rights, some of the trends according to location and vertical, and what’s next in data rights automation.

What you will learn:

  • DSAR, SRR, DSR … what syntax do privacy offices use to talk about data rights?
  • How privacy teams establish and measure metrics of success for data rights programs.
  • Trends in data rights: What are the most common requests? Who are the most common requestors?
  • What role does automation play in the data rights landscape?
  • How do organizations currently manage a data subject’s identity, and how that may change as automation plays a bigger role.