Spokes 2020 Panel: Technology and Privacy Protection: What Does “Automation” Mean?

Watch this panel talk and learn what companies mean by having “automate” privacy programs

A panel by Dimitri Sirota from BigID, Justin Antonipillai from Wirewheel, Dan Frank from Deloitte & Touche LLP, Zac Murphy from T-Mobile

We all read about ways in which we can bring technology to our privacy world, but where are we seeing real progress? For example, when companies “automate” privacy programs, what does that mean? When companies say that they can “integrate” or bring “artificial intelligence” or “bots” to privacy, what are they doing? Are people really necessary for privacy protection? Privacy and Technology leaders Dan Frank (Deloitte), Zac Murphy (T-Mobile), and Justin Antonipillai (WireWheel) lead this discussion for our community.

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