Privacy protection can’t be addressed by policies and workflows alone – especially as data teams embrace new technologies. As regulations increasingly mandate that enterprises meet a growing list of data rights – including deletion- and ensure that they restrict sensitive data access based on preferences and consent, integrated data knowledge and protection are needed to maximize value for data investments. To scale data privacy protection along with governance, enterprises need to automate the discovery of personal information across large volumes of data, understand that data in context, and orchestrate protection actions based on those insights.

In this webinar, BigID and SecuPi will discuss how an integrated approach to data discovery and data-centric security can enable enterprises to embrace new data platforms while still addressing key compliance requirements at scale, such as data deletion requests, enforcing opt out preferences and removing identifying data from processing.

In this webinar, attendees will learn:

– How and why to map and inventory personal data privacy for data platforms at scale
– How to leverage those insights to simplify fulfillment of data deletion requests and enable remediation
– How to deliver governance for privacy-aware data pipelines and analytics programs
– How an integrated approach to data privacy protection can deliver end to end auditing and reinforce security posture