Privacy is About People. If you don’t know whose data you have, you can’t protect their privacy. GDPR data subject access rights require companies to put that principle into practice. Yet, existing tools can’t tell you what personal information belongs to which data subject in order to respond to data subject requests.

A person-centric approach to locating and understanding data enables companies to effectively tackle the most challenging GDPR requirement: fulfilling Data Subject Access Requests at scale, across data sources and in minutes, not days.

In this webinar, you will learn:

  • Why data subject access rights are a cornerstone of GDPR requirements
  • What are the elements of the data subject rights lifecycle
  • How a person-centric approach addresses GDPR requirements centered on data subject rights.
  • How a person-centric approach can bridge automation of request management with fulfillment at scale by IT teams.
  • What automation and fulfillment of a data subject access request utilizing a person-centric approach looks

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