How to Enable Analytics with Data Fabric

Data analysts have always been challenged to get access to the right data. The data they work with may lack freshness, be of the wrong quality, from the wrong source, or require too many approval processes to meet time-sensitive demands for analytics. Traditional organizational processes meant to streamline access to data often fail in today’s data-driven businesses. We need a modern solution to enable data analysts.

A data fabric is one of a few new technologies and processes meant to address the modern data access challenge. It fundamentally abstracts, streamlines and removes the complexity of access to data so analysts can spend more time creating insights and generating business value.

Join Ron Thompson from NASA, Jason Beyer from Bridgestone Americas, and Christopher Glover from BigID alongside CDO Magazine to learn:

  • What makes data fabric so compelling for modern data analytics teams
  • Whether a data fabric is the right choice for your business
  • How to prepare and get started with data fabric