Finding Common Ground: Strategies for Data Privacy and Governance Collaboration

Discover effective approaches in facilitating collaboration and aligning a company’s data governance protocols


Growing complexity in the regulatory environment is certainly keeping the privacy office busy. But for those within the enterprise who hold the responsibility of managing and governing data, protecting privacy, and ensuring compliance can complicate or even potentially disrupt their data strategies. These two perspectives — the chief privacy officer and chief data officer — have different skill sets, expertise and perspectives, but ultimately need to establish common ground.

Join us for a conversation with American Eagle Outfitters Chief Data Officer Chris Stephens and BigID Vice President of Privacy and Policy Heather Federman on what approaches can be effective at establishing that common ground, facilitating collaboration and aligning a company’s data governance protocols with its data protection policies.

Join the discussion to learn more about:

  • The different perspectives a CDO and CPO bring to an organization and how their paths can cross.
  • How current and future regulatory- and data-related privacy trends are establishing the need for more effective collaboration.
  • What are the hurdles and opportunities for improved collaboration.
  • How aligning privacy principles with data management strategies can strengthen and inspire trust between the organization and its clients.

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