Consent Governance: A New Approach

Learn how to implement the new approach to consent governance


In response to both to obligations under CCPA & GDPR and growing consumer expectations for privacy protection, organizations across the globe have invested in tools to present consent terns and store consent logs. But the question is what next, once consent have been logged? Enter consent governance, which will allow organizations to align when, how and what consent was provided with data subject rights reporting and actual data processing flows. Consent governance progresses from the process of capturing consent and recording logs to all organizations to embed consent – and other lawful bases for processing – into analysis and evaluation of how an individual’s personal data is processed.

In this webinar with BigID’s product manager Tomer Elias and product marketing director Steve Coplan, you will learn:

  • How consent governance can complement existing investments in consent management
  • How consent governance can help automate compliance workflows and reporting
  • How consent governance tracking can help organizations detect when processing workflows are outside of compliance
  • How consent governance can help convert agreements into a per attribute proactive monitoring model
  • How consent governance can lay the foundation for privacy by design initiatives for the software development lifecycle

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