Building an End to End Approach to Data Rights Fulfillment

IAPP Summit Session: Join us for a dive deep into practical steps on automating the data request lifecycle.

Managing and fulfilling the new class of data rights afforded by landmark regulations like the EU’s GDPR and the California Consumer Privacy Act have long been identified as key operational challenges for privacy. However, as many organizations look to transition from manual efforts for compliance, they have encountered increasing levels of complexity for how these rights are addressed in practice. These include the underlying technical challenge of responding to requests with accurate and comprehensive data accounting, to maintaining multiple types of reports based on regulation and business policies, as well as managing the intake of requests and response workflows for a positive user experience.

Join BigID’s VP of Privacy & Policy, Heather Federman and Director of Product Management, Tomer Elias for a dive deep into practical steps on streamlining and scaling the elements in the data request lifecycle to align with compliance and business objectives through an automated and flexible approach.

After attending this web conference you will:

-Understand the organizational impact of data subject’s rights fulfillment requirements and how data rights compliance can be aligned with business outcomes, like customer trust.
-Gain awareness of potential solutions to roadblocks that can stand in the way of operationalizing DSAR management and streamline processes.
-See how constructing and integrating an end to end approach to data rights can better enable privacy practitioners to respond to the current and future regulatory landscape.
-Learn how to align advanced data rights request management with broader enterprise and data governance objectives for privacy protection.

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