Best Practices for Bridging Data Privacy and Data Governance

Hear from Intel on how to incorporate data privacy compliance requirements and data governance strategy.


Bringing data privacy and data governance together is the most significant challenge to becoming a data-driven organization. Join Joaquin Sufuentes, Lead Architect for Metadata Management & Personal Information Protection, Enterprise Data Management at Intel IT, and Nimrod Vax, Chief Product Officer at BigID as they outline how to face these challenges and adopt best practices for incorporating data privacy compliance requirements and data governance strategy.

What you will learn:

  • How to solve the privacy paradox: meeting global privacy regulations like CCPA and GDPR while fueling data-driven innovation
  • Strategies for addressing the challenge of connecting business context with data intelligence
  • How to leverage technology at the intersection of privacy compliance and data governance
  • How to implement privacy compliance across the data lifecycle through integration of crowdsourcing, machine learning and metadata enrichment

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