Forthcoming AI frameworks and privacy laws in the US and Europe on the responsible and ethical use of data are shaping organization’s data management practices. Control frameworks such as EDM Council’s Cloud Data Management Capabilities (CDMC) help companies stay ahead of regulations and demonstrate independent data compliance. By automating cataloging and classification capabilities that help to secure and protect their data, companies can build guardrail controls to ensure trusted data is utilized for AI models and sensitive data is protected in automated decision technologies.

Attend this session with LSEG, BigID and Projective Group to learn why LSEG is staying ahead of the data curve by adopting the CDMC framework.

During this session, you will:

  • Learn the strategic importance of aligning technology and industry leading frameworks.
  • Hear from Peggy Tsai on why BigID partnered with Projective Group to certify BigID on the EDM Council, Cloud Data Management Capabilities (CDMC).
  • Hear from Scott Beange from Projective Group who will share his insights on the value Projective has realized from the EDM Council partnership.
  • Dive into the CDMC certification process and the validation of the CDMC 14 key controls with Stephen Gatchell from BigID and Shobana Ragothaman from Projective
  • Learn key controls around AI from Oli Bage at LSEG that utilized the CDMC key controls as a foundation.