In today’s “new normal”, how would you efficiently address Enterprise Data Strategies?

Join SAP and BigID to gain insight into developing a holistic Data Strategy that optimizes perspectives on privacy

The world, our business environment, and our workplaces may never be the same. Hopefully, we will soon be in a post-pandemic environment, or at least one that feels a bit more normal. But certain constants remain.

Data grows by the day and it is as important to business survival and growth as ever. Hence enterprise data strategies are the focus of many practitioners. But another truth that is with us forever is privacy. GDPR (and similar regulations) has challenged us to look at data in a different perspective, it challenged us to discover where and which data is more relevant to our business.

Companies will only benefit by embracing a holistic data strategy, one that optimizes their perspectives on privacy, data protection and information. Savvy organizations are realizing that a holistic approach can be a springboard for more systematic and robust data management practices: practices that benefit stakeholders across the entire organization.

This webinar will look at the alignment of business objectives, and the influence of privacy as a lever, not a roadblock. Our expert speakers will discuss:

• The role that data privacy requirements can play in accelerating enterprise-wide data management efforts
• Opportunities to align business objectives for “reactive” functions such as compliance and “proactive” initiatives such as analytics
• Strategies for engaging key enterprise decision-makers and stakeholders, so that data privacy can be a systemic, operationalized effort
• Downstream benefits to enterprise-wide data privacy and protection efforts, so that business units can not only comply, but also maximize data-driven performance

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