EDW: Rebuilding Enterprise Information Management from the Metadata Ground Up

Accelerating enterprise information management starts with AI-powered data discovery to leverage and create new metadata to better identify, protect, and gain actionable insights into your data.

As data is a company’s most valuable asset, C-suite executives are focused on being data-driven and leveraging data to make better business decisions. Companies can’t rely on a single view of metadata. The metadata needs to evolve as the data evolves, providing current and actionable insights.

For this to be possible, executives need to ensure their data, privacy, and security teams are working together, rebuilding traditional, siloed, enterprise information management programs. To get faster insights from their data assets, they need to know their data – better, faster and in real-time. By treating the data as a living asset and applying AI for deeper discovery and insight, the organization can build stronger and more intelligent enterprise information management.

Key Takeaways:

  • Leverage multiple techniques that rely on AI/ML data discovery to find and link data and metadata together.
  • Break down silos between governance, privacy and security teams to rebuild an enterprise information management program that maximizes the value of enterprise data.
  • Utilize strategies to help enterprise data programs comply with privacy regulations, protect customer data, and monetize their assets.