The New Data Reality: Addressing Enterprise Data Strategies in Today’s “New Normal”

We are in the midst of an uncertain time where businesses and industries are shifting, changing, and being forced to adapt. However, there are numerous business objectives that don’t change and must be managed. Even before the global pandemic, enterprises were drowning in data and struggling to make sense of it. The digital reality of working remotely, and the many new employee and customer processes that are being launched to deal with the at-home economy, are adding to the data deluge. Concurrently, associated risks, which include data residency, storage complexity, data security, and protection are magnified.

Join us for a conversation focused on how businesses can, and should, manage the new and evolving data reality, as privacy and data protection remain paramount. SAP and BigID continue to innovate and empower companies to know their data, understand how to effectively utilize it at scale, and align stakeholders to build a data-driven strategy for a post-Coronavirus world.