Yahoo Finance: BigID Introduces App Development Framework for Its Data Intelligence Platform

BigID, the leader in data discovery and intelligence for privacy, protection and perspective, today introduced the first Application Development Framework for any data discovery platform on the market.

The BigID App Development Framework empowers customers and partners to get more value from their data by building custom application functionality on top of BigID’s market-leading data discovery platform. For the first time, customers and partners can add custom functionality to BigID to take action on discovered data for new use cases in data privacy, security and governance.

“BigID’s App Framework empowers customers and partners to easily build and add their own applications to the BigID Data Intelligence Platform,” explained Eyal Sacharov, Chief Architect at BigID. “With a full fledged ecosystem, community-built apps can easily and intuitively leverage BigID’s discovery-in-depth capabilities with built-in monitoring on open architecture to address problem spaces in privacy, security and data governance.”