Tad Hack: Enterprise-Tech Startups Focused on Risk, Security Attract Venture Dollars

Enterprise-Tech Startups Focused on Risk, Security, Attract Venture Dollars
Its NYC biased, but mentioned 2 companies I follow, payfone and BigID (I helped Dimitri, the founder CEO, with his previous company Layer 7).

Payfone, raised $100 million in June! Identity verification is big and growing, and programmable communications plays an important role. TeleSign is also a significant provider dominant with the web companies, while payfone is strong in banking and insurance.

At TADSummit EMEA / Americas we’re going to have several presentations on identity verification from Orange and TeleSign. I’ve still to add them to the agenda. See below on Ravish’s promotion given the success TeleSign has achieved with Score, Identity Verification.