IT Jungle:OpenLegacy Expands Big Data Partnerships

Over the past few months, OpenLegacy has established new partnerships with a handful of tech firms patrolling the big data waters, including Talend, Collibra, and BigID. According to the legacy application modernization specialist, it’s all part of an effort to help its IBM i and mainframe customers upgrade their applications and experiences.

OpenLegacy is unique among IBM i modernization vendors in its approach. The company’s software allows customers to expose legacy applications, such as those written in RPG, via APIs and Web services.

Now the company is bringing several partners into that API-driven approach. For instance, its partnership with Talend, which it unveiled last month, is aimed at helping customers get the most out of the data stored on IBM i servers and mainframes. By hooking these midrange and mainframe digital assets into Talend’s data fabric, it helps customers leverage the data stored in these systems.