CyberCrime Magazine: 10 Hot Cybersecurity Companies To Follow In June 2020

Special coverage of Cybercrime Magazine’s Hot 150 Cybersecurity Companies.

Regularity has not been a defining characteristic of 2020 thus far. Despite the year’s seemingly constant changes, cybersecurity remains consistently essential. Cybersecurity companies are as valuable an asset as they’ve ever been, if not more.

As hackers grow more daring and sophisticated, robust security measures are a must for any business. The companies that provide the tools and services to fight these threats are likewise continually improving. To know how to defend your business and clients best, you need to be aware of cybersecurity industry leaders.

Here are 10 cyber companies to keep an eye on in June 2020 and beyond.


As big data becomes a more prevalent part of business, BigID works to protect it. Founded in 2016, the company provides a secure way to capture and organize enterprise data. With offices in New York, Tel Aviv, Singapore and London, BigID has experience in a variety of corporate cultures and climates.

BigID also considers legal factors, helping businesses with GDPR and CCPA compliance. The company’s solutions to data security and governance have garnered it praise from institutions like Gartner and the World Economic Forum.