CPO Magazine: California’s CPRA Approved at the Ballot Box; Changes (Already) Coming To State Privacy Rights

Though the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) only just went into effect at the beginning of this year, the state has already passed a substantial revision in the form of the California Privacy Rights Act (CPRA). Also known as Proposition 24, the ballot measure was favored by state voters in the recent election and its terms will begin going active at the beginning of 2023 (though it will apply to data collected from January 1 2022 onward).

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The CPRA is a “second act” of sorts for Alistair MacTaggart, the independently wealthy privacy advocate who championed the CCPA but felt that it was compromised on certain key points. The CPRA makes a number of changes that are meant to benefit state residents, but not all of its changes were embraced by privacy and civil rights advocates.