Cision: BigID and TrustArc Deliver Automated Data Discovery and Privacy Program Management

BigID, the leading data discovery and intelligence platform for privacy, protection, and perspective; and TrustArc, the leader in privacy program management and automation, today announced a partnership that enables enterprises to define, build and maintain flexible and responsive privacy management programs.

BigID’s discovery-in-depth foundation integrates with the TrustArc Privacy Management Platform, providing joint customers with more insight and transparency into personal and sensitive data that falls under privacy regulations for reporting, deletion and access requests. BigID’s ongoing data discovery across multiple sources increases visibility for TrustArc’s Data Inventory Hub and also accelerates Individual Rights Manager by enabling automation for consumer and data subject access requests (DSARs).

The complexity of data privacy regulations (along with more vocal customer expectations of privacy rights and protections) now require a more holistic approach to privacy management. In order to address these challenges – from the expanding breadth of data rights to the need to be able to accurately report on and fulfill data rights requests – organizations need to implement a sustainable privacy program. To build and automate sustainable, efficient and scalable privacy management programs, enterprises must be able to easily modify their policies and processes in response to regulatory changes. In tandem, they must be able to discover, classify and map personal information to enforce those policies and fulfill data rights.

Together, BigID and TrustArc enable organizations to define, build and automate flexible and responsive privacy management programs with ongoing data insights, empowering customers to address the following key requirements for sustainable privacy management:

Take action on privacy insights generated from continuous analysis of all data platforms and types, including cloud software, files, big data, and traditional data stores;
Automate discovery, classification, and inventorying of personal and sensitive data based on how data is related to individuals across the enterprise;
Automate the management of consumer and data subject access requests (DSRs) at scale;
Seamlessly populate the TrustArc Data Inventory Hub and update it based on new discovery findings fueled by BigID’s discovery-in-depth.