Fix ID Data Quality In Big Data

Wrangle & Hygiene Identity Data Before Sharing or Analysis

Data Quality

Big Data often also has Big Quality problems that need to be overcome before data can be moved, secured, analyzed or shared. No where is this more pronounced than with personal identity data. Customer, employee or client identifiable information now makes up by some estimates 75% of all Big Data. However within that data there is often inaccuracies and noise that need to be removed, unnecessary duplicates, orphaned and unused data that requires minimization and extremely sensitive data that needs to be accurately identified for enhanced security and control management.

BigID helps organizations know their data. The BigID software provides organizations an automated way to accurately identify, locate, classify, catalogue and metric their identity data.


Accurate Discovery

Traditional data discovery tools lack accuracy, can’t span structured and unstructured data stores and aren’t identity optimized; BigID is


Classification & Correlation

BigID can determine what kind of identity data is discovered, the uniqueness and how correlated one identity profile is to other data


Entity Resolution

Organizations struggle identifying and correlating customer profiles across business units and merged entities. BigID can help measure closeness of discrete identities and show attribute connections between identity entities to resolve sameness across profiles



BigID provides concrete measures of identifiability to help organizations take privacy and regulation appropriate anonymization measures on data