Opt-In/Opt-Out Consent Governance

Centralize your view of consent across de-centralized stores of consent data

Evaluate, Validate, and Report on Consent Per Data Subject

BigID’s unique ability to correlate granular data knowledge to data subjects transforms consent capture processes into a practical inspection and validation tool for how personal data is collected and processed.

By correlating the output of consent capture systems to specific data subjects, BigID’s consent governance enables privacy team to assess and analyze data collection and processing against agreements, identify where consent is needed and if data needs to be deleted because no consent was captured.


Data Subject Consent Correlation

Take a data subject-centered view of consent agreements captured by multiple sources


Integrated Consent Reporting

Integrate relevant records and per-application details of consent collection into DSARs and Article 30 RoPAs


Proactive Compliance Monitoring

Identify expired consent, applications collecting data without consent and initiate remediation flows


Consent Governance & Privacy By Design

Integrate consent for data subject and associated attributes into dev lifecycle through policy SDKs and data APIs