BigID for Healthcare

Privacy, Security, and Governance

for the Digital Transformation of Healthcare

Digital Transformation in Healthcare

Get actionable data intelligence for healthcare data – and manage and protect data across your entire data ecosystem.

  • Find, protect, and manage sensitive, high-risk, and regulated patient data
  • Align with interoperability, and drive effective integration and orchestration with other technology stacks
  • Enable consent governance  to assess and analyze data collection and processing against agreements and more
  • Reduce risk on healthcare, regulated, sensitive, and business data


Healthcare Cybersecurity Statistics

  • Data Breach Cost


    annual cost due to data breaches in healthcare in the US — the highest of any industry

  • Cloud Risk


    of cloud services in healthcare carry a security risk of medium to high

  • Healthcare Records


    healthcare records were lost, stolen, exposed, or disclosed without permission in 2020

  • Incident Response

    329 Days

    the average time it takes a company in healthcare to contain a data breach

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Know Your PHI Data

With BigID, companies can find, manage, and catalog all of their patient information across the landscape — no matter how siloed — and enforce policy across all their data.

Clean Up Your Data and Minimize Risk

Identify and remediate duplicate, similar, redundant, and derivative structured and unstructured data that contains sensitive patient data — and enact policy-driven retention management.

Drive Effective Interoperability

An API-first platform ensuring that integration and orchestration with other enterprise infrastructure are simple and high-impact. Manage, monitor, and validate third-party data transfers, and comply with regulatory requirements.

Integrate Consent and Preference Management

BigID’s ability to correlate granular data knowledge to data subjects transforms consent capture processes into a practical inspection and validation tool for how patient data is collected and processed.

Leverage ML-based Classification

BigID automatically classifies protected health information (PHI) via next-gen classification that leverages not just pattern-based discovery, but ML classification that’s based on NLP and NER, AI insight that’s based on deep learning, and patented file analysis classification.

Comply With Privacy and Protection Regulations

Proactively protect PHI data — from legacy stores to cloud environments. With BigID, healthcare organizations get visibility and complete coverage of their sensitive, regulated, and high-risk data.

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