Fourteen US States have now introduced legislation around privacy with California’s new law already passed and effective starting Jan 1. Like their European antecedent, the US laws place a significant emphasis on individual data rights whether the right to access, delete or similar. For companies, this requires new capabilities to identify personal data across their entire data landscape and automatically classify by both data type and most importantly by person. But what makes this privacy trend in the USA so notable is that the State-level activity is ushering more pressure for the federal government to introduce country-wide privacy legislation that enshrines personal data rights in a way that echoes property rights. 

The California Consumer Privacy Act makes fulfilling individual data rights a priority for organizations with consumers in California. BigID has been a pioneer in the field of fulfilling data access requests in the enterprise since GDPR came into effect in 2018. BigID was the first company to deliver a purpose-built privacy-centric data discovery product to answer privacy questions about what data a company has on an individual. Now with CCPA around the corner, BigID continues to lead with new first-of-their-kind data right automation capabilities to help enterprise fulfill access and deletion requests at scale. 

BigID pioneered the technology to help organizations find and inventory personal information by identity to fulfill privacy-driven personal data rights. The new advanced capabilities expand the company’s market leadership in enterprise data access lifecycle management. The new features include

• Enhanced AI for identifying contextual personal data
• Smarter classification and correlation for connecting data to a person
• Expanded data coverage to more than 50 systems in the data center and cloud
• Enhanced data access rights management capabilities for analysts and operators
• New programmatic bulk processing capabilities for high volume requests
• Deep customization and summarization templates for tailored responses
• Enriched workflows for deletion, correction, and portability
• Consent tracking and orchestration
• Automation for validating deleted data
• SDK integration with web and mobile data access request portals

Privacy matters, now more than ever. And for enterprises, this is nowhere more tangible than in the need to locate and fulfill individual data rights. BigID’s new data rights automation gives companies the ability to deliver their customers greater data transparency and accountability via smarter data discovery and accounting. To schedule a demo schedule time at