Adapting GDPR/CCPA Data Rights Processes for CPRA, CDPA & Beyond

New rules for how businesses must receive, process, and respond to data subject rights requests are emerging at rapid rates. While some businesses already have rights response processes in place pursuant to existing data protection regulations, others will need to satisfy these obligations for the first time as more jurisdictions impose these requirements. Where processes … Continued

Powering the Intelligent Enterprise with Discovery Driven Insights eine Zusammenarbeit von BigID und SAP

BigID und SAP laden sich herzlich zu einem Online Seminar am 22. April ein. Erfahren Sie, wie Sie allen Datenverantwortlichen in Ihrem Unternehmen sämtliche Informationen transparent und katalogisiert, inklusive aller relevanten Metadaten, auf einer Data-Intelligence-Plattform zur Verfügung stellen und so den Wert Ihrer Unternehmensdaten bei gleichzeitiger Einhaltung geltender Datenschutzregularien maximieren.

EDW: Rebuilding Enterprise Information Management from the Metadata Ground Up

As data is a company’s most valuable asset, C-suite executives are focused on being data-driven and leveraging data to make better business decisions. Companies can’t rely on a single view of metadata. The metadata needs to evolve as the data evolves, providing current and actionable insights. For this to be possible, executives need to ensure … Continued

EDW: Discover, Enhance, Connect, Act: Modern Data Governance to Unleash the Value of Your Data

Data environments have evolved to include new sources, structures and formats, migration to cloud, or hybrid environments, while data is subject to new regulations and business policies, and businesses are demanding more to be data-driven enterprises. Automation and machine learning are essential to discover all of your data, including structured and unstructured data in any … Continued

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