Find personal data without false positive frustrationScan Scheduling

Administrative tool to configure frequency, scope and timing of data scans based on systems availability, data volumes, and updates 

Discover any personal information, not just a social security numberSystem Health and Status Monitoring

At a glance view of current service status and automated notification and alerting for component and system health issues

Distinguish Jill’sdata from Jim’s dataRole Based Access Control

Leverage existing access management identities, roles and permissions to configure system access and scope access privileges

Search simultaneously across structured & unstructured repositoriesCredential Management Framework

Ensure security best practices for separation of duties, credential management, and delegated administration. Support for external password vaulting

Hot or not, easily find your PII with heatmapsActivity Logging and Audit

Full log and audit reports for user, system and API activity, including session details

Data maps from data science, not data recollectionsApplication specific API-based connectivity

Native support for over 40 different systems types, with no agents or ETL custom code required