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Scale data stewardship with automated discovery and recommendations for validation instead of manual curation.

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Automate and collaborate to drive better decisions

Insight on data quality and business terms provides confidence in the source data and generated insights.

Prioritize and manage work in a logical, organized view to push tasks through the workflow for certification.

Create common understanding for business terms to be understood and shared across the organization.

Streamline tasks in an easy to use dashboard, collaborate with peers, and collaborate on terms.

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Data stewardship done differently

  • Scale Business Glossary Validate auto-suggested terms, definitions, attributes, and domains to keep glossary current - even as data changes
  • Monitor Enterprise Data Health Proactively manage the health of enterprise data with a dashboard to monitor and act on trends, tasks, and KPI management
  • Prioritize Work with a Dashboard Manage stewardship tasks on a single view dashboard with a logical UI to focus on data stewardship tasks with the highest impact
  • Take Action with Apps Integrate with apps including retention, remediation, and deletion apps to take action on data and manage workflows
  • Discover and Connect Terms See patterns and insights to identify gaps, see patterns, find similar terms, relationships, and sensitivity
  • Map Logical Terms to Physical Data Suggest logical to physical data mappings to identify and add context to the data landscape and connect data with definitions
  • Deploy ML and Batch Processing Validate ML-suggested terms and batch process similar items for a jump start to build and maintain a thorough business glossary
  • Integrate with Data Ecosystem Integrate with solutions and import glossary terms from various solutions for a single source of truth

BigID makes data stewardship scalable, efficient, and accurate.

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