Join us for this interactive webinar where Steve Wright, GDPR Advisor to the Bank of England, and Nimrod Vax, BigID’s Co-Founder and Chief Product Officer will discuss the unique data discovery challenges posed by GDPR and CCPA.

Our experts will explore identity-centric correlation and the role it plays in solving data privacy use cases. They’ll also discuss how ML-based discovery helps access rights management workflows, upholding crucial elements of current data protection legislation such as the individual’s right to be forgotten.

Other focus topics include:

  • Personal Information dealt at scale for GDPR and CCPA compliance
  • Intelligent data mapping
  • Automation for DSARs and erasure actions.

Viewers will also have the chance to put their questions to our experts in a Q&A session following the talk.

Format: 45 minute presentation, 15 minute live audience Q&A

Steve Wright
GDPR Advisor
Bank of England

Steve is passionate about big data and all things digital. With more than 20 years’ experience, designing, developing, managing and delivering transformational data, governance, privacy and security programmes, Steve’s vast experience as a pragmatic and charismatic leader, ideally places him as a ‘trusted advisor’ at board level on all privacy and security related matters. Steve is also a published author, a non-executive director and is regularly invited to speak at industry events, trade associations and thought leadership working groups, working towards continually finding new ways to increase trust and transparency in respect of consumer services, business functions and product vendors.

Nimrod Vax
Co-Founder & Chief Product Officer

Nimrod has over 15 years of experience in enterprise security software and identity management serving in various capacities ranging from engineering, product and business management. Prior to founding BigID, Nimrod served as VP Product Management, Product Line Manager for CA Identity Management product line and as an advisor to security startups in the area of identity management and user behavior analytics.

Nimrod holds a BSc. in Computer Science and a Masters of Business Administration with specialization in Marketing Management.

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