As enterprises accelerate their shift to the cloud, there is a growing need for them to reimagine their data security and compliance strategy for the new cloud-first, hybrid environment. The cloud introduces new data risk considerations owing to the volume of data in the cloud, velocity of change of that data, variety of formats and locations where data is stored and unique vulnerabilities deriving from cloud misconfiguration and cross-regional connectivity.

This webinar featuring BigID & Gartner will explore how the seismic shift in how enterprises collect, manage and secure data give rise to next generation Data Security Posture Management (DSPM) technology to meet the data security and compliance needs of the next decade.

This webinar will cover foundational and advanced topics in DSPM:


  • What is DSPM and how is it different from DLP and DAM
  • How DSPM tackles the cloud dark data and shadow server problems
  • How DSPM addresses data risk through sensitivity classification
  • How DSPM addresses data access and activity risk
  • How DSPM addresses data cloud misconfiguration and situational risk


  • How to support hybrid On-prem, saas and public cloud environments
  • How to address structured, semi-structured and unstructured data formats with DSPM
  • How to address privacy use cases like DSAR and residency with DSPM
  • How to address data governance use cases like cataloging & glossary with DSPM
  • How to leverage AI in DSPM
  • Considerations for enterprise security and scale in DSPM

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