A New Era of Privacy & Data Security

Learn how data privacy and data protection go hand in hand in this webinar examining the new era of data security.


Privacy and data protection can go hand in hand. With the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) the motivating force behind the recent wave of privacy policy updates across the corporate world, how are organizations coping with the increased demand for more transparency and better protections for their data?

Join top security, privacy and risk experts for an interactive Q&A discussion to learn more about:

  • Is privacy the new marketing gold
  • How to build your privacy and data security compliance programs
  • Should you hire a Data Protection Officer
  • Breaches, data leaks and notifications
  • Recommendations for improving security and safeguarding privacy beyond GDPR’s deadline day

The session is being brought to you in partnership with ITSPmagazine and will be streamed LIVE from Las Vegas during Black Hat.

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