NoCamels: Israeli Companies Are Helping Businesses’ Big Shift to Cloud

While cloud “has become the default” for the storage of enterprise and personal data, says Co-Founder and Chief Product Officer Vax, data security “continues to be a challenge for many companies as organizations acquire more cloud,” due to the numerous cloud data and privacy breaches. Tacking this problem, BigID uses its platform to give enterprises a way to find, track, and monitor data with precision in a variety of cloud environments including AWS, Microsoft Azure, and Salesforce.

As cloud usage grows exponentially, it’s important to remember to be aware of the data stored there and keep it safe, Vax says.

“Organizations aim to reduce costs during the pandemic and migration to the cloud is a cost-saving activity,” he tells NoCamels, “But migration also drives more data awareness and as companies go remote, they want to address compliance around privacy, data discovery, and data enablement.”