Mission: Operationalization! Data Privacy’s Role in Scaling Data Governance

Increasingly, enterprise practitioners are viewing data governance as an enabler of business value rather than a cost center within their organizations. But in practice, practical challenges still face organizations as they try to simultaneously meet reactive needs – such as compliance – as well as more proactive ones, such as analytics initiatives. What’s standing in the way of operationalization and success? For many, it’s the erroneous view that data privacy is at odds with data insight.

However, savvy organizations are realizing that data privacy requirements can be a springboard for more systematic and robust data management practices: practices that benefit stakeholders across the entire organization.

This webinar will look at the alignment of business objectives, and the use of privacy requirements as a lever, not a roadblock.

In this webinar, Paige Bartley, Senior Analyst for Data, AI and Analytics, at 451 Research and Peggy Tsai, VP of Data Solutions at BigID will discuss how you can:

– Understand the role that data privacy requirements can play in accelerating enterprise-wide
data governance efforts
– Learn to identify opportunities to align business objectives for “reactive” functions such as
compliance and “proactive” initiatives such as analytics
– Develop strategies for engaging key enterprise decision-makers and stakeholders, so that data
privacy can be a systemic, operationalized effort
– Pinpoint downstream benefits to enterprise-wide data privacy and protection efforts, so that
non-compliance business units can maximize performance

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