Smarter De-identification

As organization collect large quantities of information about their customers, de-identification practices become critical to protect the privacy of the customers. Regulators distinguish between ‘pseudonymous data’, which is information that no longer allows the identification of an individual without additional information, as opposed to de-identified data.

BigID is designed to discover all sensitive and personal data in your environments, build identity profiles and correlate the data to specific policies or compliance mandates. BigID can discover data that can be identified, or has no protection in place, and apply risk analytics to determine if compliance mandates are needed – including pseudonymization techniques:

Big Data Anonymization

Data MinimizationData Minimization

Track data access history and easily threshold unused or orphaned data that may warrant minimization.

Find Pseudo PIIFind Pseudo PII

Track combinations of data attributives for identifiability.

Check PseudonymizationCheck Pseudonymization

Uncover de-identified or pseudonymized data vulnerable to identity correlation.

Monitor AccessDe-identify

Scrub or tokenize data using BigID based on data intelligence gathered by BigID.