Consent Management

Gaining customer consent to collecting, storing and processing personal data is now standard operating practice for businesses online. Securing and tracking customer consent is increasingly a global requirement as exampled by the forthcoming EU General Data Protection Regulation or the US Federal Trade Commission’s Fair Information Practice Principles guidelines. However most organizations lack any kind of centralized management or audit of consent, making the application of consent for decisions around personal data usage complicated

BigID provides organization an ability to track consent changes and validate against external consent stores to make informed decisions around data usage straightforward.

Gaining Customer

Data MappingData Mapping

BigID provides automation for inventorying personal data making comparison to consent possible.

Tracking ConsentTracking Consent

Customer data collection is a core function of most customer facing applications.

Consent Compliance Consent Compliance

BigID can quickly check data access against a consent preferences and provide an audit trail to maintain accountability.

Reporting and Analytics

BigID enables organizations to track which data and attribute sets are covered by consent agreements.