Ease Consent Tracking

 GDPR Consent Compliance Made Easy 

Securing and tracking customer consent is increasingly a civil and legal requirement for regulations like the EU GDPR. It is also a common requirement for effective management of data retention policies in regulated industries. However, centralized management, reporting and audit of consent is challenged by the fact that organizations collect consent across a multitude of disjoint applications with no centralized consent store or views. BigID provides organizations a first-of-its-kind ability to map distributed and diverse consent logs with data stores and applications to provide a centralized view of consent without centralizing consent storage.

Gaining Customer

Data Mappingconsent Mapping

Build virtual consent map across data stores and data subjects 

Tracking ConsentTracking Consent

Track consent across data stores and applications virtually

Consent Compliance Consent Compliance

Provide a consent audit trail for regulators

Reporting and Analytics

Track which data and attribute sets are covered by consent agreements