Customize DSAR Reporting by Team or Line of Business

Fully customize level of detail to return to customer. Enumerate all PII and contextual PI. Customize to specific types of data or data sources. Incorporate Opt-in and Opt-out consent. Define approval workflow for verifying and delivering reports.

Batch Process Data Fulfillment Requests in Bulk

Process hundreds or thousands of data rights requests at a time, automatically, without taxing data stores. Leverage BigID’s bulk loader. Full API programmatic batch processing from an Access Portal or Case Management System, like ServiceNow.

Automate Data Access Request Fulfillment

Automate Fulfillment of CCPA and GDPR Data Access Requests Across Any Data Replace manual fulfillment of GDPR, DSAR, and CCPA individual data access and deletion requests with automation built on found data using BigID’s first-of-its-kind Discovery-in-Depth DSAR Fulfillment App. Find data based on any combination of customers’ data—not just email. Look across structured, unstructured, data … Continued

Data Privacy Day – Looking Beyond Compliance

In the wake of the 2013 Target breach, information security experts highlighted the apparent anomaly that PCI Compliance did not automatically mean that Target’s data was secure. The retailer had recently been certified by the payment card industry’s minimum set of security controls and standards just weeks before hackers installed malicious code onto their network … Continued

How to Avoid the Nightmare of Data Deletion Rights

The right to access and delete data are close to universal requirements for privacy regulations across the globe. While the two federal data privacy regulation bills recently introduced in the US Congress differ widely on whether consumers should have a private right of action for privacy violations and whether CEOs should be held responsible for … Continued

Data Rights in the USA

Fourteen US States have now introduced legislation around privacy with California’s new law already passed and effective starting Jan 1. Like their European antecedent, the US laws place a significant emphasis on individual data rights whether the right to access, delete or similar. For companies, this requires new capabilities to identify personal data across their … Continued