In a New York State of Mind with the NY SHIELD Act

As Frank Sinatra and Jay-Z both sang, “if I can make it here then I can make it anywhere.” Those lyrics  hold especially true for businesses that process the private information of any New York state resident. The Stop Hacks and Improve Electronic Data Security (“SHIELD”) Act – passed in July 2019 – expands the … Continued

Data Privacy Day – Looking Beyond Compliance

In the wake of the 2013 Target breach, information security experts highlighted the apparent anomaly that PCI Compliance did not automatically mean that Target’s data was secure. The retailer had recently been certified by the payment card industry’s minimum set of security controls and standards just weeks before hackers installed malicious code onto their network … Continued

Discovery-In-Depth: The Path To Data Intelligence

Data discovery is a foundational element of any type of data management: from cybersecurity to data privacy to data governance. Discovery is at the core of data intelligence, insight, and analysis – and needs to be both scalable and automated in order to successfully address the volume (and type) of data that organizations collect. Effective … Continued

How to Avoid the Nightmare of Data Deletion Rights

The right to access and delete data are close to universal requirements for privacy regulations across the globe. While the two federal data privacy regulation bills recently introduced in the US Congress differ widely on whether consumers should have a private right of action for privacy violations and whether CEOs should be held responsible for … Continued

6 Steps to Protecting Enterprise Data

From the dawn of time – or at least the information age, anyways – it’s always been a challenge to manage and protect data. Now more than ever, as data volume explodes and storage types vary, it’s even more of a challenge. Organizations store sensitive information in different types of data formats, across different data … Continued

Innovating at the Speed of Trust: Building the Privacy-Aware Data Pipeline

Data Pipeline initiatives allow companies to generate and act on insights from their investment in Big Data initiatives. By radically transforming the velocity at which applications and analytics can integrate new data, organizations can more easily react to new opportunities, make decisions, and transform key business processes. BigID pioneered data discovery for personal data at … Continued

Next-Generation Data Classification: A 4 Step Approach

In order to manage and protect your data, you need to know not just where it is, but whose it is, and what it is. Traditional approaches to classification focus on either manual tagging or resource-intensive pattern matching (which isn’t always reliable). Given the rate and diversity of data growth – whether it’s data in … Continued

CCPA Gets Real: Finding Your Way Out of the Weeds

The California Consumer Privacy Protection (CCPA) comes into effect in a matter of months, and earlier this month, California Attorney General Xavier Becerra issued highly anticipated initial guidance on how to operationalize the law: it’s of particular interest because the AG’s office will be responsible for enforcing the law. The Regulations may have introduced some … Continued

SAP Goes Big on Discovery & Privacy with BigID

Today we are announcing a major expansion of our relationship with SAP. SAP will now resell BigID globally to help customers running SAP meet critical data privacy challenges such as GDPR and CCPA while getting more value from their own customer and employee data. This non-exclusive reseller agreement comes on the heels of our $50M … Continued

BigID’s Platform Receives Cyber Catalyst Designation from Marsh

Designed to bring organizations greater clarity in the crowded cybersecurity marketplace, the Cyber Catalyst designation identifies products and services that leading cyber insurers consider effective in reducing cyber risk. The BigID platform has been designated a Cyber Catalyst, deemed by the cyber insurance industry as a solution that effectively reduces cyber risk. “In the highly … Continued

Fueling Privacy Automation for CCPA

It’s official: the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) will come into effect in large part intact on Jan 1, 2020 after a series of bills to modify provisions met with mixed outcomes. Now the focus will (or, should) swing squarely on what needs to be done to comply, and especially how to best apply technology, … Continued

CCPA Readiness Checklist

The California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) is here: we’ve put together a readiness checklist to help organizations get prepared. Click here to download the checklist for yourself – or read on for a quick primer on the CCPA! What is the CCPA? The California Consumer Privacy Act is an upcoming data privacy regulation that comes … Continued