Account Fraud

If you want to know your customer, you have to know your customer’s data. While cybercriminal account origination fraud has become a worrying concern for many organizations, preventing employees and insiders from creating fraudulent accounts based on bogus or manipulated customer data without manual and time-consuming oversight remains a challenge.

BigID enables customers to detect at scale when account and customer profile creation activity is suspicious or when an account has been created without customer consent, ensuring accountability for employees in a highly automated process based on data science – not manual monitoring.

Customer Data Intelligence

The process of registering new customers and setting up accounts relies on assembling a set of attributes to create a customer profiles.

Detect Unauthorized Account Creation

BigID can proactively flag the use of anomalous customer attributes

Customer Consent Verification

BigID can track consent changes internally as a single source of truth.

Notification & Investigation

BigID can provide communication across a variety of channels to alert analysts to suspicious activity.